A 501(c)(3) Public Charity


It is the Mission of the Cameron Park Airport Foundation to attract and retain volunteer support for the publicly held Cameron Park Airport. Through community donations of labor and funding, it is the Foundation’s mission-directed goal to measurably sustain the operations, maintenance, and improvement of those general aviation assets that promote public safety through airport infrastructure improvements, advancing the education of pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel, and increasing community access to the public airport amenities at and around the Cameron Park Airport.

About Cameron Park Airport Foundation

The Cameron Park Airport Foundation is a 501c3 public charity corporation solely created to provide support to the safe operation of the Cameron Park Airport, a public airport managed under the California codes as an airport special district.In response to resource constraints common to many publicly available general aviation airports, the Cameron Park Airport Foundation complements the Airport’s own operating budget with donation-sourced financial contributions and volunteer-sourced in-kind services and assets. These gifts enable the Foundation to support local aviation-related safety, education, and science (STEM) resources that are unique to the Sierra western slope in the Sacramento area.